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FabALACTICA (IgdE) is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge with no need for reducing conditions or co-factors.


FabALACTICA is available in three different product formats:

Product Information

FabALACTICA is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge (KSCDKT / HTCPPC), generating intact Fab and Fc fragments. The name of the enzyme is derived from the pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae, where it was first discovered (Spoerry et al., 2016). The enzyme is active at pH from 6-8 and does not require reducing conditions or co-factors for activity.

FabALACTICA is recombinantly expressed in E. coli, contains a His-tag, and the molecular weight is 70 019 Da.

Spoerry, C. et al., 2016. Novel IgG-Degrading Enzymes of the IgdE Protease Family Link Substrate Specificity to Host Tropism of Streptococcus Species. PloS one, 11(10), p.e0164809.

Key Characteristics

  • Human IgG1
  • Overnight (O/N) reaction
  • No need for reducing agents or co-factors
  • KSCDKT / HTCPPCP (above the hinge)


  • Subunit LC/MS analysis
  • Paired glycan analysis
  • Characterization of bi- or multi specific antibodies
  • Affinity screening
  • Studies of higher order structures
  • Studies on antibodies with mutated hinges

Product Formats


FabALACTICA enzyme supplied as lyophilized powder. The enzyme is available in 2000 unit vials for digestion of up to 2 mg human IgG1.

Immobilized FabALACTICA®

FabALACTICA enzyme immobilized on agarose, allowing for human IgG1 digestion without contaminating the final preparation with FabALACTICA enzyme.

FabALACTICA® Fab kit

FabALACTICA Fab kit is used for easy preparation and purification of Fab fragments from human IgG1. The kit consists of two parts; Immobilized FabALACTICA and affinity spin columns for purification of intact Fab fragments.

FabALACTICA Brochures, Posters and Applications

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FabALACTICA in non-reducing study of antibody disulphides

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Poster from FoB 2019

FabALACTICA Generates Pure and Homogeneous mAb Subunits that Facilitate 2D-NMR Spectroscopy Analysis.


An analytical workflow for studying intact Fc fragments using an above hinge digestion with FabALACTICA is used for paired glycan analysis.

FabALACTICA references


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FAQ and Support

Popular FAQ

It is not recommended to elute the Fc fragments from the CaptureSelect column since the fraction might also include undigested or semi digested material.

No, FabALACTICA has shown very poor activity on Fc-fusion proteins.

We can only guarantee optimal digestion for one-time use. We do not have a cleaning or regeneration protocol to provide. However, depending on the antibody and the following application the column can be reused. We do not recommend using with different antibodies due to the risk for contamination of carry-over from previous sample. If column reuse is desired store the column in 10-20% ethanol at +4-8°C.

We recommend using Immobilized FabALACTICA for digesting human IgG1 and generating a final preparation free of any residual enzyme. You can also use FabALACTICA Fab kit for digestion of human IgG1 and purification of the generated Fab fragments.

FabALACTICA (IgdE) and GingisKHAN (Kgp) are both cysteine proteases that digest IgG1 above the hinge to generate intact Fab and Fc fragments. FabALACTICA is specific for human IgG1 and digests at a specific site (…KSCDKT / HTCPPCP…) with overnight incubation without the need for reducing conditions. GingisKHAN is a general protease that with the recommended reaction conditions, 1 hour with light reducing conditions, digests human IgG1 at a specific site (…KSCDK/THTCPPCP…).


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