FabALACTICA (IgdE) is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge with no need for reducing conditions or co-factors.

FabALACTICA Enzyme is supplied as a lyophilized powder with no preservatives added, and is available in 2000 unit vials for digestion of up to 2 mg IgG.



Detailed Information

FabALACTICA is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge, generating intact Fab and Fc fragments. The name of the enzyme is derived from the pathogen Streptococcus agalactiae, where it was first discovered1. The enzyme is active at pH from 6-8 and does not require reducing conditions or co-factors for activity. 

FabALACTICA is recombinantly expressed in E. coli, contains a His-tag, and the molecular weight is 70 019 Da. 

Storage and Stability

The FabALACTICA enzyme is supplied lyophilized, and is reconstituted by the addition of water. After reconstitution, FabALACTICA is stable for 1 month at +4-8°C. The product is shipped on ice, and should be stored at -20°C upon arrival.

Unit Definition

One unit digests ≥ 90% of 1 μg human IgG1, when incubated in 150 mM sodium phosphate, pH 7.0 at 37°C overnight (16-18 h).


(1) Spoerry, C. et al., 2016. Novel IgG-Degrading Enzymes of the IgdE Protease Family Link Substrate Specificity to Host Tropism of Streptococcus Species. PloS one, 11(10), p.e0164809.

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  • Subunit LC/MS analysis
  • Paired glycan analysis
  • Characterization of bi- or multi specific antibodies
  • Affinity screening
  • Studies of higher order structures
  • Studies on antibodies with mutated hinges


Key Characteristics

  • Generates intact Fab fragments from human IgG1, with high specificity
  • Active in pH 6-8
  • No need for reducing agents or co-factors
  • No overdigestion

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FAQ and Support

Yes, for human IgG1 molecules both enzymes can be used in combination to generate a specific hinge peptide.
FabALACTICA does not require reducing conditions as both GingisKHAN and FabULOUS does, and allows for generation of Fab fragments from native human IgG1.

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