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Antibody Characterization

The Genovis enzymes have gained widespread use within the development and production of antibody-based therapeutics. Due to the high specificity and robustness of the enzymes, they are becoming an important tool for the ever-increasing demand of analytical characterization of large and complex biomolecules.

Analysis of N- and O-glycosylation

Scientists at Genovis have discovered O-glycan-specific enzymatic tools including: OpeRATOR® - an O-glycan-specific endoprotease, OglyZOR® - an O-glycosidase and SialEXO® - a sialidase mix for removal of sialic acids.

EXOglycosidases from Genovis include GalactEXO for efficient removal of galactose and SialEXO for hydrolysis of sialic acids.

Antibody Conjugation

The novel and unique conjugation technology GlyCLICK® offers opportunities for site-specific conjugation of antibodies, using a two step enzymatic process and click-chemistry. GlyCLICK applications include e.g. ADC development, fluorescent imaging and in vivo imaging. GlyCLICK is a modular technology applicable to IgG from several species and subclasses and offers a robust and quantitative conjugation of 2 labels per antibody.

Generation of Antibody Fragments

Use FabRICATOR® to rapidly generate F(ab')2 and Fc/2 fragments from several species and subclasses of IgG, including human IgG1-4. Intact Fabs are easily generated from human IgG1 using the IgG-specific FabALACTICA® enzyme or GingisKHAN®.

Deglycosylation of IgG

IgGZERO® (EndoS) and GlycINATOR® (EndoS2) rapidly hydrolyze N-glycans on the Fc domain of IgG. GlycINATOR removes all Fc glycoforms, including high-mannose and hybrid-type glycans. IgGZERO removes complex Fc glycoforms, but has limited activity on high-mannose and hybrid-type glycans.

IgG Protease Digestion Chart

With the IgG protease digestion chart, you see the digestion sites of the Genovis' enzymes and what species and subclass of antibody the enzymes digest.

Species & Subclasses FabRICATOR®
Native IgG
Digestion under reduced condition.
* Primary digestion site.
Native IgG
Human IgG2 ..CPAPPVA / GPSVF.. Yes (Site not determined) No digestion confirmed
Human IgG3 ..CPAPELLG / GPSVF.. Yes (Site not determined) Multiple sites in Fc
Human IgG4 ..CPAPEFLG / GPSVF.. Yes, with longer incubation time No digestion confirmed
Mouse IgG1 No digestion confirmed Yes, several in the hinge region No digestion confirmed
Mouse IgG2a ..CPAPNLLG / GPSVF.. Yes, several in the hinge region No digestion confirmed
Mouse IgG2b No digestion confirmed Yes, several in the hinge region No digestion confirmed
Mouse IgG3 ..CPPGNILG / GPSVF.. Yes, several in the hinge region No digestion confirmed
Rat IgG2b ..CPVPELLG / GPSVF.. Yes, several in the hinge region Not determined
Rhesus Monkey ..CPAPELLG / GPSVF.. Not determined Not determined
Rabbit ..CPPPELLG / GPSVF.. ..KPT / CPPPE..* Not determined

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