About Genovis

Genovis’ business concept is to develop, produce and market innovative technologies that facilitate and enable development of new treatment methods and diagnostics for customers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries.

Genovis was founded in 1999 and has since developed several unique SmartEnzymes that facilitate development and quality control of i.a. biological drugs. The products enable customers to conduct faster analyses with higher quality than competing technologies can offer. In addition to the physical product, all customersreceive technical support and Genovis also offers development of customized methods.

The company has well-equipped facilities in which to conduct efficient product development in the early research phase, as well as subsequent development of production processes and the final product format. An important cornerstone and competitive advantage of Genovis’ R&D activities is collaboration with academic groups that focus on characterizing new enzymes. Just as valuable is the customer relationship that enables product development to meet customer needs.

The Group consists of Genovis AB, Sweden, and the wholly owned subsidiary Genovis Inc., USA.

Genovis operations in Sweden includes 13 employees. The company has 2,500 shareholders and the company's shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm First North. Find more information at Investor Relations