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Enzymes for Biopharmaceuticals

Genovis provides unique enzymes and technologies for analytical characterization and conjugation of biopharmaceuticals. The SmartEnzymes™ portfolio consists of FabRICATOR® (IdeS), FabRICATOR®Z (IdeZ), FabALACTICA® (IgdE)FabULOUS (SpeB), GingisKHAN® (KGP), GingisREX® (Rgp), IgGZERO® (EndoS)GlycINATOR® (EndoS2), OpeRATOR®, GlycOCATCH™OglyZOR®, SialEXO® and the antibody conjugation technology GlyCLICK®.



2021-03-23: New SmartEnzymes FucosEXO

Genovis presents FucosEXO - a new α-fucosidase mix for efficient hydrolysis of α1-2, α1-3 and α1-4 linked fucose from N- and O-glycosylated proteins or free oligosaccharides. The new FucosEXO enzyme mix is a valuable tool for glycan analysis and exoglycosidase arrays!

2020-12-10: GlyCLICK ADC Products

Create a site-specific ADC with one of the new GlyCLICK ADC kits that arms any antibody with unique linker-payloads. Learn more and find the kit for your next ADC development!

2020-09-30: New SmartEnzyme - GalNAcEXO

Adiós GalNAcs - remove core GalNAcs using GalNAcEXO™!
GalNAcEXO is an enzyme for the hydrolysis of GalNAc residues, known as Tn antigens, on O-glycosylated proteins. Hydrolyze Tn antigens to fully deglycosylate the protein and reveal other hidden critical quality attributes.

2020-09-23: New SmartEnzyme - Immobilized GalactEXO

We are launching Immobilized GalactEXO™!
Immobilized GalactEXO consists of the powerful GalactEXO immobilized on agarose beads and formatted in an easy-to-use microspin column format. GalactEXO is a mix of β-galactosidases for efficient removal of galactose residues on N- and O-glycosylated proteins.

2020-07-08: New SmartEnzyme - GalactEXO

Genovis presents GalactEXO - a new galactosidase for efficient hydrolysis of galactose. The new GalactEXO hydrolyzes β1-3 and β1-4 linked galactose from 2 mg glycoprotein in 2 h. The enzyme can be used for exoglycosidase sequencing and to generate antibodies with homogenous GOF glycoforms.

2020-06-04: FabRICATOR® MagIC!

We are launching a New SmartEnzyme, FabRICATOR® MagIC!
FabRICATOR® MagIC contains the IgG-specific FabRICATOR (IdeS) enzyme immobilized on magnetic beads for automated and parallel middle-level workflows for analysis of antibodies.

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Specific digestion of IgG with activity on human IgG1-4 as well as other species


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SmartEnzyme Reference Tool

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