Our SmartEnzymes™ Portfolio

The SmartEnzymes portfolio consists of IgG Proteases, IgG Glycosidases, Enzymes for O-Glycans and Conjugation. Each product category is presented below.

Our SmartEnzymes Portfolio could also be viewed through applications. Link to related application pages are included with each product group.


Our IgG Proteases portfolio consists of FabRICATOR® (IdeS protease), FabRICATOR®Z (IdeZ), FabALACTICA® (IgdE)FabULOUS® (SpeB), GingisKHAN® (KGP).

The general protease GingisREX® (RgpB) is also included. The enzymes are applied in analytical workflows of biotherapeutic proteins, including antibody subunit analysis using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.


The Genovis product line of IgG Glycosidases and Conjugation consists of IgGZERO® (EndoS), GlycINATOR® (EndoS2) and GlyCLICK® (Conjugation):

Enzymes for O-glycans & EXOglycosidases

The Genovis product line of enzymes for O-glycans consists of OpeRATOR® (O-glycan-specific protease), GlycOCATCH® (enrichment resin for O-glycosylated proteins and peptides), and OglyZOR® (O-glycosidase). The recently launched EXOglycosidases include GalactEXO (galactosidase) and SialEXO® (sialidase).

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Learn more about the applications of Genovis SmartEnzymes for mass-spectrometry analysis of antibodies, antibody oxidation assay and more.

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We offer services for your antibody fragmentation project.  In addition to our in-house produced SmartEnzymes product portfolio, we also use other classic enzymes in our service. Moreover, we have extensive experience purifying and analyzing the final fragments.