Genovis provides SmartEnzymes used for characterization and conjugation antibody based biotherapeutics; monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), ADCs, biosimilars etc.

IgG Glycosidases

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Our Portfolio

The SmartEnzymes portfolio consists of FabRICATOR® (IdeS protease), FabRICATOR®Z (IdeZ), FabALACTICA® (IgdE)FabULOUS® (SpeB), GingisKHAN® (KGP), IgGZERO® (EndoS), GlycINATOR® (EndoS2) and GingisREX® (Rgp). The enzymes are applied in analytical workflows of biotherapeutic proteins, including antibody subunit analysis using liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry.

We also provide unique enzymes and tools for O-glycan analysis, including OpeRATOR® (O-glycan-specific protease), GlycOCATCH™ (enrichment resin for O-glycosylated proteins and peptides), OglyZOR® (O-glycosidase) and SialEXO® (sialidase).

Genovis provides the conjugation technology GlyCLICK® for site-specific conjugation of functional groups to the Fc domain of the antibody.

Genovis also offer services for your antibody fragmentation project as we over the years have accumulated expertise in generating, purifying and analyzing various fragments from many different species and subclasses of IgG.


We offer services for your antibody fragmentation project.  In addition to our in-house produced SmartEnzymes product portfolio, we also use other classic enzymes in our service. Moreover, we have extensive experience purifying and analyzing the final fragments.