Genovis receives funding from Vinnova

Genovis receives funding from Vinnova for the development of a new high-throughput platform for a directed and efficient product development for quality assurance of biological drugs. To understand the project we got a quick word with the VP of Research & Development at Genovis, Rolf Lood. Rolf is heading the enzyme discovery team at Genovis and has a solid scientific background from both Lund University and Rockefeller University, New York.


What is the background for the project?

The biopharmaceutical market is continuously adding on novel biological drugs with increased complexity, and thus the need for novel tools to analyze and characterize these are in demand.


What will you be doing?

During the two year project we will recruit a dedicated PhD candidate to develop a novel platform where we efficiently can screen for new product candidates facilitating analysis of biologics.


What partners are you working with in this project?

The project will be performed in collaboration with two external academic collaborators: professor Mattias Collin at the division of infection medicine, Lund University, that has a long history of identifying and characterizing enzymes active on immunoglobulins, and associate professor Magnus Carlquist, applied microbiology at the faculty of engineering, Lund University, that has vast experience within bioengineering.