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Genovis Teams up with Waters to Deliver Enzymatic Workflows for the Biopharma Industry

The new collaboration between Genovis and Waters Corporation is intended to bring fast and easy analytical workflows for biopharmaceuticals by combining the SmartEnzymes™ portfolio from Genovis with the unique instrumentation from Waters™. The lab work has already started, and we got a quick word with Andreas Nägeli, one of the scientists at Genovis contributing to this collaboration.

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Genovis receives funding from Vinnova

Genovis receives funding from Vinnova for the development of a new high-throughput platform for a directed and efficient product development for quality assurance of biological drugs. To understand the project we got a quick word with the VP of Research & Development at Genovis, Rolf Lood. Rolf is heading the enzyme discovery team at Genovis and has a solid scientific background from both Lund University and Rockefeller University, New York.

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QED Bioscience and Genovis Form a New Team!

September 2, 2020 | Genovis Team |

We are excited to announce that QED Bioscience and Genovis have joined together and combined their strengths to provide top-quality research tools to scientists across the globe.


QED Bioscience is a US company based in San Diego that has been designing and manufacturing antibodies for 25 years, providing superior antibody products and services to support our customers with the expertise and assistance they should expect from a full-spectrum antibody company.


Whether you are conducting antibody research, optimizing an existing antibody assay, or developing an antibody therapeutic, you need the best antibodies, and characterization tools and methods from QED Bioscience and Genovis. Use the best products, with the right protocols. Our new team will focus on delivering the best antibodies and antibodies conjugated with site-specific technologies to improve antibody-based research. The new conjugation technology GlyCLICK has striking impact on reproducibility and quality of labeling and is available today.


As a Genovis customer, we encourage you to explore the new offerings together with QED Bioscience and thank you for your continued business with us. Read more about QED Bioscience on their website


Best regards,


Eileen Skaletsky,

Managing Director, QED Bioscience


John Lindsay,

President, Genovis Inc.


Antibody Development with QED


Monoclonal Antibody Development

The art of creating hybridomas requires years of experience to be perfected.  In the more than 20 years that QED has been providing this service to the scientific community, we have made monoclonal antibodies to numerous different types of antigens including large and small peptides, proteins, haptens, carbohydrates, bacterial and viral antigens, and plasmid DNA-encoded antigens.


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Polyclonal Antibody Development

QED offers custom antibody production in rabbits utilizing your protein, peptide, small molecule, plasmid, or other antigens. All programs can be customized to fit your needs, so if you need additional rabbits or want to use your own immunization protocol, just send us your requirements.


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Introducing our new CFO, Johny Humaloja

September 9, 2019 | Genovis Team, Interview |


Johny joined the Genovis team in August, and he brings more than 25 years of financial experience to the company. We are very excited to have you in the team, Johny! Welcome!


Tell us a bit about yourself

I live in Malmö, in the southern part of Sweden and I have two daughters. I have a cat named Zelda. On my free time I like to play hockey with my friends and go out for a ride on my road bike.


If you were to describe yourself using only one word – what word would that be?



Tell us about your previous working life

I have more than 18 years of finance leadership experience in the life science industry, mainly from working in US public listed companies such as Biogen and Boston Scientific. Focus has been on the Nordic region, to develop businesses and execute operational improvements. At Biogen I got the opportunity to work as Plant Controller and run all the financial activities at their large-scale manufacturing plant in North Carolina.


What will your main focus be here at Genovis?

Day-to-day business and make sure to enable Genovis to continue to grow and expand the business model. It will be key for me to understand the different parts of the organization and give adequate financial information and support. Financial areas to focus on will be;internal control, project management, statutory accounting, taxes, manage outsourced services, and external reporting.


What do you believe will be the biggest opportunity in your new position as CFO?

I believe I can utilize skills and experiences in sales/commercial and production area to find new ways to do business and provide financial and strategic leadership.


4 quick questions:

Coffee or tea?

Coffee – Zoegas

Aerosmith or Depeche Mode?

Depeche Mode

Ice cream or candy?

Chocolate Ice cream

Soccer or ice hockey?

Hockey, Carolina Hurricanes

Introducing Rob Horsefield

Rob portrait

Genovis is expanding its sales and marketing organization at its Lund headquarters and has hired Rob Horsefield as Sales & Business Development Manager. Rob has multiple years of experience in the industry from sales in analytical chemistry, pharmaceutical development and protein chemistry.

We are happy and proud to have you on board, Rob. Welcome to Genovis!


Tell us a bit about yourself.
I moved to Sweden in 2004 from the UK and live outside Lund with my Swedish wife and two children. I am now a Swedish citizen and fluent in Swedish. In my spare time I am a passionate road cyclist and enjoy long rides with my friends.


If you were to describe yourself using only one word – what would that word be?



Tell us a bit about your previous working life.

I have a background in protein biochemistry and did my PhD in membrane protein crystallography. After that I worked at Gothenburg University for four years and then AstraZeneca for three and a half years. But most recently I was with Agilent Technologies for six years selling their analytical instruments in Southern Sweden and more recently liquid chromatography as their product specialist for the Nordics.


What will your main focus be here at Genovis?

My focus is to be the trusted associate at Genovis for our customers. I believe in always putting our customers first and securing their satisfaction. I like to work in a structured manner, pay attention to details and be on-time.


What do you believe will be the biggest opportunity in your new position as a Senior Application and Market Area Manager?

I hope we can leverage my experiences in protein biochemistry research, the biopharma market and LC/LC-MS instrument sales to grow Genovis’s business in Europe and Asia, and further expand our customer base.


Four Quick Questions:

Coffee or tea?

Tea, very strong with milk. But not fruit tea. And I never drink coffee, no, really.


Aerosmith or Depeche Mode?

Depeche Mode of course.


Ice cream or candy?

Both please, lots of.


Cricket or Rugby?

Rugby for sure, but there is still a small space left in my heart for cricket too.

Meet Our New Colleague Kevin Cook

May 17, 2018 | Genovis Team |


We are happy and proud to have you on board, Kevin. Welcome to Genovis!


Tell us a bit about yourself.
Even though a Focused Generalist does not make perfect sense, I think it fits since I have a broad life sciences discovery background with a specificity towards LC-MS and orthogonal technology.


If you were to describe yourself using only one word – what would that word be?



Tell us a bit about your previous working life.

My on-the-job learning experiences, with small and large companies, started with DNA/RNA focused laboratory work, moved into LC-MS to support small molecule pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism, and has migrated into a focus on providing biologics sample preparation technology for LC-MS analysis.


What will your main focus be here at Genovis?

On behalf of the Genovis team, I have the pleasure of building relationships with scientists in the western US. I am excited to learn more about the challenges my colleagues in the industry are facing and how our team can help.


What do you believe will be the biggest opportunity in your new position as a Senior Application and Market Area Manager?

Genovis has built a customer centric reputation that shows in current products and formats, and how LC-MS scientists are utilizing these tools. Genovis has demonstrated the ability to rapidly respond to customer requests and I am looking forward to helping promote current products while building for the future through customer feedback and collaboratory efforts.


4 Quick Questions:

Coffee or tea? 

Coffee, lots of coffee…


Aerosmith or Depeche Mode?

At the moment, Eric Church.


Ice cream or candy?

Chocolate chip cookies.


Soccer or ice hockey?

American football though staying with the question, ice hockey – Chicago Blackhawks.