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LC-MS Analysis Service of Recombinant Antibodies

August 9, 2022 | News, Press Releases |

We have entered a service agreement with evitria AG (Zürich, Switzerland) to offer a fast and high-quality LC-MS characterization of recombinant antibodies using our SmartEnzymes™ workflows!
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Genovis Teams up with Waters to Deliver Enzymatic Workflows for the Biopharma Industry

The new collaboration between Genovis and Waters Corporation is intended to bring fast and easy analytical workflows for biopharmaceuticals by combining the SmartEnzymes™ portfolio from Genovis with the unique instrumentation from Waters™. The lab work has already started, and we got a quick word with Andreas Nägeli, one of the scientists at Genovis contributing to this collaboration.

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Genovis receives funding from Vinnova

Genovis receives funding from Vinnova for the development of a new high-throughput platform for a directed and efficient product development for quality assurance of biological drugs. To understand the project we got a quick word with the VP of Research & Development at Genovis, Rolf Lood. Rolf is heading the enzyme discovery team at Genovis and has a solid scientific background from both Lund University and Rockefeller University, New York.

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Genovis and Promega sign global license agreement and settle litigation

Genovis has reached a settlement in its patent infringement lawsuit with Promega Corp. and agreed to a royalty bearing, worldwide license to the patents-in-suit.

The settlement ends all ongoing patent-infringement claims between the parties and Promega has agreed to a royalty bearing, worldwide license to the patents-in-suit, thereby ending the lawsuit between the parties. The specific terms of the contract are confidential.

“I am pleased we were able to reach a settlement with a favorable business solution that accommodates Genovis’ long term growth strategy,” says Fredrik Olsson, CEO of Genovis.

GingisREX – New Enzyme from Genovis


Genovis expands the protease portfolio with GingisREX – a new enzyme with unique specificity for arginine residues. The GingisREX protease can be used for peptide mapping, protein sequencing and post-translational modification analysis using mass spectrometry.

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Genovis AB has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alphalyse A/S

The cooperation agreement will provide Genovis with access to Alphalyse’s expertise in mass spectrometry while Alphalyse will have the opportunity to offer its customers analyses based on Genovis’ unique enzymes for antibodies and other pharmaceutical proteins. Read more »

Genovis Launches New Enzyme Product

December 3, 2015 | Press Releases |

Genovis is launching a further development of GingisKHAN® that will be marketed under the name GingisKHAN®Fab kit. The product will be presented at the conference Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics in San Diego next week. Read more »

Genovis AB (publ) to Publish Q3 2015 Report Ahead of Schedule

October 23, 2015 | Press Releases |

The Board of Directors of Genovis AB (publ) has decided to publish Q3 2015 report ahead of schedule. Read more »

Genovis is Reorganizing and Closing its Subsidiary GeccoDots

September 25, 2015 | Press Releases |

For the Group, the reorganization will entail cost and capital expenditure savings of approximately SEK 6 million over a 12-month period. All intangible and tangible assets have been transferred to the Parent Company, which decided to sell the intellectual property rights behind the Nanomotus project to the inventors against future royalties. Read more »