Genovis AB has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Alphalyse A/S

The cooperation agreement will provide Genovis with access to Alphalyse’s expertise in mass spectrometry while Alphalyse will have the opportunity to offer its customers analyses based on Genovis’ unique enzymes for antibodies and other pharmaceutical proteins.

Much of Genovis’ customer base works with mass spectrometry in the analysis of biologics. Genovis and Alphalyse will actively market new methods based on Genovis’ products, which directly focus on this customer group. This strategy will strengthen Genovis, which will be able to expand its customer base and thus increase sales.

“Alphalyse has world-leading expertise in mass spectrometric analysis of proteins. Their knowledge of sample processing and the limitations of current enzymes enable us to use existing and upcoming products in applications where they will have maximum value. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to market and develop methods of mass spectrometric analysis together with Alphalyse and I am convinced that this will be a long-term and mutually rewarding collaboration,” says Fredrik Olsson, CEO of Genovis.

“Genovis has unique enzymes and products that allow for better and faster analysis of protein-based drugs when using mass spectrometry. The collaboration with Genovis provides Alphalyse with a major advantage in our work helping pharmaceutical companies that develop products such as monoclonal antibodies, antibody drug conjugates for cancer treatment and de-novo-sequencing of new antibodies in the discovery phase,” says Ejvind Mørtz, COO of Alphalyse.

For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Olsson, CEO, Genovis AB
T: +46 (0)46-12 12 33