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NEW! We’re Launching TransGLYCIT™ Remodeling Afucosylated Man5!

We are proudly launching a new format of our popular TransGLYCIT technology! With TransGLYCIT Remodeling Afucosylated Man5, it is possible to generate human IgG with fully homogenous Man5 glycoforms within a few hours!
TransGLYCIT is a platform technology that enables efficient and site-specific human IgG glycan remodeling or conjugation. With TransGLYCIT, antibodies with defined and homogenous glycoforms are generated using fast and robust enzymatic workflows.
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NEW! We’re Launching PNGase F Automation!

January 31, 2024 | New Product, News |

PNGase F is a glycoamidase hydrolyzing the amide bond between the polypeptide asparagine and the innermost GlcNAc of all mammalian asparagine-linked complex, hybrid, or high mannose oligosaccharides. Today, we’re excited to launch this well-known enzyme in a new and unique format – PNGase F Automation – for automated hydrolysis of N-glycans on glycoproteins!
PNGase F Automation contains the PNGase F enzyme lyophilized in an automation-friendly 96-well plate format. It enables high-throughput N-glycan removal to facilitate simplified downstream analysis of a range of glycoprotein substrates.
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NEW! We’re Launching IgASAP™ for Digestion of IgA!

December 10, 2023 | New Product, News, Products |

IgASAP Sub1 is an IgA1-specific protease that digests human IgA1 at one specific site above the hinge, generating intact and homogeneous Fab and Fc fragments.
The enzyme enables generation of intact monovalent Fab fragments as well as middle-level analysis of IgA1, which facilitates IgA1 characterization during, for example, the development of vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics.
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NEW! We’re Launching ImpaRATOR™!

We are excited to launch ImpaRATOR, an O-glycan-dependent protease that digests proteins carrying mucin-type O-glycans, including sialylated species, N-terminally of glycosylated Ser and Thr residues!
The enzyme generates glycopeptides carrying O-glycans, which enables O-glycan profiling, site occupancy determination and O-glycopeptide mapping as well as middle-level approaches using LC-MS analysis.
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Antibody LC-MS Analysis Service from Genovis!

October 22, 2022 | New Product, News, Products |

We offer fast and accurate LC-MS profiling of human IgG using unique sample preparation based on SmartEnzymes workflows. Our SmartEnzymes enable middle-level LC-MS analysis of antibodies to characterize critical quality attributes such as the glycosylation profile and mass confirmation.
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NEW! Hydrolysis of Flexible Linkers using GlySERIAS

June 14, 2022 | New Product, News |

GlySERIAS is a unique enzyme that digests flexible glycine-rich fusion protein linkers such as Gly4Ser and GlyxSery (GS) and polyglycine (G) linkers.
The enzyme enables separation of the individual domains of multi-functional fusion proteins to facilitate characterization and increase the understanding of these molecules. Middle-level analysis of fusion proteins serves to both reduce the overall sample complexity and allow for domain-specific identification and monitoring of post-translational modifications.
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NEW! Sugar-free Proteins in a Few Hours using OmniGLYZOR

June 6, 2022 | New Product, News |

OmniGLYZOR hydrolyzes N- and mucin-type O-glycans. It contains a mixture of immobilized enzymes for fast and efficient removal of N- and simple mucin-type O-glycans on antibodies, fusion proteins and other glycosylated proteins.

Removal of glycans is widely used to reduce heterogeneity to facilitate analysis of the protein by for example mass spectrometry. Deglycosylation can also be used to study the functional role of the glycans.
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NEW! Azide Activation of Human IgG using TransGLYCIT Azide Activation

April 4, 2022 | New Product, News |

We’re happy and proud to announce the launch of TransGLYCIT Azide Activation!
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NEW! PNGase F for Hydrolysis of N-glycans

November 29, 2021 | New Product, News |

We are happy to announce that PNGase F for in-solution hydrolysis of N-glycans from glycoproteins is added to our portfolio of SmartEnzymes!
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NEW FabDELLO – The SmartEnzyme for Mutated IgG

November 18, 2021 | New Product, News |

We introduce FabDELLO, a protease that specifically digests human IgG1 at a single site above the hinge, generating intact Fab and Fc fragments within two hours with no need for reducing conditions. The enzyme is active on antibodies with mutated hinge regions and enables middle-level LC-MS for characterization of critical quality attributes.
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