IgMBRAZOR Lyophilized


Lyophilized enzyme for digestion of IgM



IgMBRAZOR is a unique IgM-specific protease that digests human IgM at one specific site below the CH2 domain in the heavy chain, generating homogeneous F(ab’)2 and Fc fragments.

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Yes, IgMBRAZOR and FabRICATOR can be used in combination.

Yes, IgMBRAZOR and PNGase F can be used in combination if the reaction is performed under non-denaturing conditions. However, for complete deglycosylation of IgM using PNGase F denaturing conditions may be required and it is then recommended to perform the IgMBRAZOR digestion prior the PNGase F deglycosylation.

IgM from some species of monkey may also be digested by IgMBRAZOR.

It is possible to use IgMBRAZOR with low concentrations of IgM. However, this will lead to a decreased reaction rate, so for IgM concentrations below 0.5 mg/mL it is recommended to increase the amount of added enzyme and/or increase the incubation time. There is no risk of overdigestion and the incubation time can be prolonged to overnight if necessary.

The enzyme is active at pH 5.5 to 9.0, tolerates up to 300 mM NaCl, and does not require reducing conditions or co-factors for activity. PBS and TBS buffers are both compatible. Optimization may be required if buffers other than the recommended are used.

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