GingisKHAN Fab kit


GingisKHAN Fab kit rapidly generates and purifies Fab and Fc fragments from human IgG1



GingisKHAN Fab kit contains GingisKHAN (KgpB) enzyme and CaptureSelectTM spin columns for affinity capture of Fc fragments. GingisKHAN digests human IgG1 at one single amino acid position above the hinge generating intact Fc and Fab fragments. CaptureSelectTM spin columns capture Fab CH1 domains for purification of Fab and Fc fragments. GingisKHAN Fab kit is available in spin column format for purification of 2 mg of human IgG1. GingisKHAN Reducing Agent is (lyophilized cysteine) is included to facilitate mild reducing conditions.

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Genovis provides a GingisKHAN Fab kit containing a specific Capture Select CH1 resin for further purification of the Fab. See this page for more information.

The enzyme is a cysteine protease that can be inhibited by alkylating agents such as iodoacetamide. There are also several other known inhibitors to this enzyme, like KYT-36.

The ready-to-use reaction buffer additive has been optimized to provide full enzymatic activity without affecting the disulphide bridges between the light chain and Fd region of the heavy chain, keeping the Fab intact. We recommend preparing a fresh solution of pH neutral cysteine, for use the same day, with a final reaction concentration of 2mM.

No, GingisKHAN is a general protease. However, under the recommended reaction conditions, it digests native human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge.

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