First GingisKHAN Publication

February 27, 2017 | References |

Researchers at LFB Biotechnologies have published the first paper using the Genovis SmartEnzyme GingisKHAN. GingisKHAN digests human IgG1 antibodies in the upper hinge, resulting in intact Fab and Fc fragments. The paper published in Journal of Chromatography describes how charge variants of therapeutic antibodies are characterized in a long term stability study using ion exchange chromatography coupled to native mass spectrometry. FabRICATOR was applied to digest antibodies below the hinge region and generated good separation of the Fc fragments. To specifically investigate any variations in the Fab domain, GingisKHAN was applied to digest the antibodies in the upper hinge and generate Fab fragments of about 50 kDa. The specific digestion site in combination with native MS allowed both oxidations (+16 Da) and deamidations (+1 Da) to be characterized.


Leblanc, Y. et al., 2017. Charge variants characterization of a monoclonal antibody by ion exchange chromatography coupled on-line to native mass spectrometry: Case study after a long-term storage at +5°C. Journal of Chromatography B, 1048, pp.130–139.