Does TransGLYCIT work on any glycoprotein?

No, TransGLYCIT is based on IgG specific enzymes and will only transglycosylate IgG.

What is the substrate specificity of GlycINATOR?

GlycINATOR is an IgG specific endoglycosidase that hydrolyzes complex, hybrid and high mannonse type glycans on the conserved Fc site on IgG.

What antibody species can I transglycosylate using TransGLYCIT?

The TransGLYCIT platform is developed for transglycosylation of human IgG.

Can I use the FucosEXO 16 enzyme on native antibodies to remove the core fucose?

Unfortunately no, the enzyme requires trimming of the Fc-glycan using GlycINATOR to enable access to the core fucose substrate.

Does TransGLYCIT work on all human IgG subclasses?

Yes, the transglycosylation reaction can be performed on all subclasses of human IgG. The reaction is somewhat slower on IgG2 and longer incubation times may be necessary to obtain over 95% transglycosylation.