Anti-FabRICATOR is an antibody raised in goat directed at the FabRICATOR enzyme. Anti-FabRICATOR is protein G purified polyclonal IgG from goat. Anti-FabRICATOR can be used to detect FabRICATOR enzyme in application such as Western blot and ELISA assays. Anti-FabRICATOR is supplied in solution.



Anti-FabRICATOR is protein G purified polyclonal IgG from goat and is supplied as frozen solution; 100 µl. Concentration of antibody is 4 mg/ml.


Western Blot


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Enzyme Reference Tool

FabRICATOR is used frequently for studying important quality attributes of antibody-based biotherapeutics. To help you find the reference of interest we developed an Enzyme Reference Tool that organizes all papers published using our products. With this tool you can filter by quality attribute, enzyme used, type of antibody molecule and technology.


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Genovis AB hold a license for exclusive worldwide use of biotechnical industrial applications of IdeS covered by any patents derived from International publication WO03051914, including granted US Patent No US7666582.
Other aspects of FabRICATOR technology are encompassed by pending patent applications in the name of Genovis AB.

The trademark FabRICATOR is the property of Genovis AB.

For research use only. Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic diagnostic use.