FabRICATOR Validation Kit


FabRICATOR Validation kit enables validation of FabRICATOR-based analytical methods



FabRICATOR Validation kit contains three batches of lyophilized FabRICATOR (IdeS) enzyme. FabRICATOR is an IgG-specific cysteine protease that digests antibodies or Fc-fusions at one single amino acid position below the hinge generating Fc and F(ab’)2 fragments. FabRICATOR Validation kit contains 3 x 2000 U of lyophilized enzyme for digestion of 3 x 2 mg of antibodies or Fc-fusion proteins.

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It is possible to use FabRICATOR with low concentrations of IgG. Low concentrations of IgG will lead to decreased reaction rate, so for concentrations below 0.5mg/mL it is therefore recommended to increase the amount of added enzyme and/or increase the incubation time. There is no risk of over-digestion and the incubation time can be prolonged to O/N if necessary.

FabRICATOR is a cysteine protease. It should not result in any other modifications than the digestion of the peptide bond. Digestion will be between the two Glycines (…CPAPELLG / GPSVF…) and the C-terminus will regain the carboxyl group – that is addition of one OH-group and the N-terminal amino group will be regained (addition of one H).

In summary, R1-CO-NH-R2 + H2O –> R1-COOH + NH2-R2.

FabRICATOR is a very specific enzyme and small changes in the sequence in or around the digestion site (…CPAPELLG / GPSVF…) may reduce or completely impair the ability to digest the IgG. It is very difficult to predict the outcome for each specific modification. It might work, but we cannot guarantee it unfortunately, the only way of knowing is to perform a digestion test. Some suggestions that are worth testing if you experience incomplete digestion: Increase the incubation time, increase the amount of added enzyme, use a PBS with greatly reduced salt concentration (5-10 mM instead of 140 mM) and pH 6.5 instead of 7.4.

If you have a technical question, please submit a support case.

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