New reference of FabRICATOR in antibody based PET imaging

February 23, 2016 | References |

To develop an antibody based PET imaging for detection of amyloid beta in mouse models, Sehlin and colleagues  at the Rudbeck Laboratory in Uppsala, Sweden, used Fabricator to generate F(ab’)2 fragments. In the study, published in Nature Communications, Sehlin et al. generated F(ab’)2 fragments using FabRICATOR of an amyloid beta specific antibody and conjugated this to a transferrin receptor antibody for delivery across the blood brain barrier.


In PET imaging applications a short half life of the antibody is desirable, as this decreases the background signal. The fusion protein demonstrated reduced half-life of about 2h, retained antigen binding capacities and successfully detected levels of amyloid beta in the brains of two different mouse models of Alzheimers.


FabRICATOR® is a specific protease acting at a single site below the hinge of all human subclasses of IgG, generating F(ab’)2 and Fc/2 fragments. The enzyme is widely used in analytical characterization of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies.


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