Is it possible to reuse the OmniGLYZOR column?

No, it is not recommended. We can only guarantee optimal performance for one-time use.

Does OmniGLYZOR remove all N-glycans?

OmniGLYZOR hydrolyzes the amide bond between the polypeptide asparagine and the innermost GlcNAc of all mammalian asparagine-linked complex, hybrid, or high mannose oligosaccharides. It does not remove N-glycans with α1-3 core fucosylation.

Can OmniGLYZOR be used for released glycan analysis?

No, both N- and O-glycans are trimmed by the exoglycosidases present in OmniGLYZOR and do not longer represent the structures found on the intact glycoprotein substrate.