Shipping SmartEnzymes™

At Genovis, we continuously look to fine-tune our business processes, including the way we ship our SmartEnzymes. During 2019, we evaluated the possibility of shipping some of our products at ambient temperatures, including; FabALACTICA®, OpeRATOR®, SialEXO®, SialEXO® 23 and OglyZOR®. Through formulation development and extensive quality and stability testing, we are confident that these enzymes can be shipped at ambient temperatures without effecting the quality or performance.

Ambient shipping will both improve our packaging process and benefit the environment by reducing the use of polystyrene boxes and ice packs. We never use dry ice for our cold shipments.

With the results from our quality testing together with the benefits for our process and the environment, it was an easy decision to start shipping at ambient temperatures, from February 2020.

Shipped Ambient

  • GlycINATOR
  • OpeRATOR
  • OglyZOR
  • SialEXO
  • SialEXO 23

Shipped Cold

  • Anti-FabRICATOR
  • deGlycIT
  • FabALACTICA Fab kit
  • FabULOUS
  • FabULOUS Fab kit
  • FragIT & kit
  • FragIT Z & kit
  • GingisKHAN
  • GingisKHAN Fab kit
  • GingisREX
  • GlyCLICK kits
  • GlycOCATCH
  • Immobilized FabALACTICA
  • Immobilized GlycINATOR
  • Immobilized SialEXO