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Hydrolysis of Core 1 O-glycans

OglyZOR is an endoglycosidase (O-Glycosidase) that specifically hydrolyzes core 1 O-glycans on native glycoproteins.

OglyZOR is used for removal of O-glycans for glycan analysis, confirmation of O-glycan presence and reduction of sample heterogeneity.

  • Highly efficient O-glycosidase
  • Reduces sample heterogeneity to unmask potentially critical protein modifications
  • Complete and robust removal of O-glycan core 1 disaccharides
O-glycans on glycoproteins
2-4h reaction
Requires removal of terminal sialic acids using SialEXO® (included)
Hydrolyzes core 1 type O-glycans

OglyZOR® Lyophilized

Lyophilized enzyme for hydrolysis of core 1 O-glycans on glycoproteins

About OglyZOR®

OglyZOR workflow

OglyZOR is an endoglycosidase (endo-α-N-Acetylgalactosaminidase) that catalyzes the hydrolysis of core 1, and to a limited extent core 3, O-glycans from native glycoproteins.

Removal of sialic acids is required for OglyZOR enzyme activity, and therefore, SialEXO Lyophilized composed of a mix of sialidases for removal of α2-3, α2-6 and α2-8-linked sialic acids, is supplied together with OglyZOR. Optimal activity is obtained at pH 6.5 to 7.5 and at 37°C.

OglyZOR is derived from Streptococcus oralis and expressed in E. coli. The enzyme contains a His-tag and the molecular weight is 227 kDa. SialEXO is derived from Akkermansia muciniphila and expressed in E. coli. The SialEXO enzymes contain His-tags and the molecular weights of the components are 42 kDa and 66 kDa, respectively.

OglyZOR® Lyophilized

Lyophilized enzyme for hydrolysis of core 1 O-glycans on glycoproteins.

OglyZOR Lyophilized is available as a lyophilized powder in 2000 unit vials for hydrolysis of core 1 O-glycans on 2 mg glycoprotein. It requires removal of sialic aids for activity, and is therefore provided together with 2000 units of SialEXO Lyophilized.

  • Flexible format for method development
  • Possible to combine enzymes for improved efficiency
  • Amenable to automated workflows
  • Ready to use – just add water!

Available Products

OglyZOR Lyophilized 2000 unitsLyophilized enzyme for hydrolysis of core 1 O-glycans on 2 mg glycoproteinG2-OG1-0201,017.00Buy / Request a Quote

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Unit Definition

One unit digests ≥ 90% of O-glycans of 1 µg glycoprotein (TNFR) when incubated together with one unit of SialEXO in 20 mM Tris pH 6.8 at 37°C for 2 h.

Content and Storage

OglyZOR Lyophilized includes:

  • 1 vial of OglyZOR Lyophilized (G1-OG1-020) supplied in TBS pH 7.6, with no preservatives added.
  • 1 vial of SialEXO Lyophilized (G1-SM1-020) supplied in TBS pH 7.6, with no preservatives added.

The product is shipped at ambient temperature, and should be stored at -20°C upon arrival. After reconstitution, the enzymes are stable for 1 month at +4-8 °C.


Product Specification

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FAQ and Support

Popular FAQ

No, OglyZOR recognizes the core 1 disaccharide HexNAcHex (or GalNAcGal) and to some extend also the core 3 disaccharide HexNAc(2) (or GalNAcGlcNAc).

Yes, this workflow enables MS/MS of O-glycosylated peptides with removed O-glycans.

OglyZOR only works on desialylated O-glycans therefore is a sialidase (SialEXO) included with the product. SialEXO is not O-glycan specific and will therefore desialylate any N-glycans that are present.

Yes, we have performed successful experiments with OglyZOR, SialEXO and PNGaseF in the same reaction under native conditions O/N at pH ~7.0.  If denaturing reaction conditions are required for PNGaseF, the reaction with OglyZOR and SialEXO needs to be performed first under native conditions, then add PNGaseF and the required buffer.


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