Site-specific conjugation of IgG with MMAE or PNU.

GlyCLICK is a site-specific conjugation technology for IgG using Fc glycan remodeling and click-chemistry. The technology generates stable and homogenous antibody conjugates for IgG from several species and subclasses. Fc-glycan remodeling by complete deglycosylation of the antibody allows for site-specific conjugation using robust click-chemistry, resulting in a degree of label (DOL) or antibody-drug ratio (DAR) of 2.0.

GlyCLICK ADC is available for site-specific labeling of 2 mg IgG with MMAE (Monomethyl auristatin E) or PNU (PNU anthracycline payload), and is suitable for the development of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).
MMAE is a potent cytotoxin that inhibits microtubule assembly and tubulin-dependent GTP hydrolysis, causing cell cycle arrest and apoptosis.
PNU is an anthracycline based DNA-alkylating toxin causing apoptosis with significantly higher potency that tubulin-targeting payloads.

  • Site-specific payload-conjugation to IgG with a consistent drug-antibody-ratio (DAR) of 2
  • Unique linker payloads with a two-step enzymatic release mechanism
  • Generates a site-specific ADC without antibody engineering
  • Preserved immunoreactivity with greater control of cytotoxicity

Available Products

GlyCLICK ADC MMAE 2 mgSite-specific conjugation of 2 mg IgG with MMAEL1-T02-2002,106.00Buy / Request a Quote
GlyCLICK ADC PNU 2 mgSite-specific conjugation of 2 mg IgG with PNUL1-T01-2002,392.00Buy / Request a Quote

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Unit Definition

GlyCLICK ADC contains sufficient material for labeling of 2 mg IgG. For larger amounts or evaluation of the technology, please contact us.

Content and Storage

Components in GlyCLICK ADC:

  • GlycINATOR Immobilized
  • UDP-GalNAz
  • GalT(Y298L)
  • sDIBO (MMAE or PNU)
  • All buffers needed
  • Concentration and desalting columns

Content should be stored at different temperatures upon arrival.


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