Antibody Conjugation


Site-specific conjugation of IgG


Transglycosylation of IgG

Transglycosylation and Conjugation of IgG

The GlyCLICK technology is a platform for site-specific labeling at the Fc N-glycan sites of native IgG, and it consists of enzymatic glycan remodeling and click chemistry. The technology is available in a range of kit formats, including conjugation with fluorophores, biotin, DFO, or toxins for ADC development. The format "Azide Activation" renders the antibody azide-activated, for conjugation with any alkyne-reactive label of choice (DOL=2).

TransGLYCIT is a platform that enables efficient and site-specific human IgG glycan remodeling and conjugation. With TransGLYCIT, antibodies with defined and homogenous glycoforms or site-specific azide activation are generated using fast and robust enzymatic workflows. The "Remodeling" formats facilitate functional analysis of specific glycan structures, and the "Azide Activation" format allows for conjugation with any alkyne-reactive label of choice (DOL=4).