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we have developed IgG and Fc-fusion mimetics called Fab-PEG-Fab (FpF) and receptor-PEG-receptor (RpR). Antibody fragments (Fabs) and receptor-binding fragment (VEGFR1-VEGFR2) are obtained by proteolytical digestion of IgG and aflibercept respectively….


FabRICATOR References

proteolysis in IgG domain-specific characterization 2014-04-07 Yan An, Ying Zhang, Hans-Martin Mueller, Mohammed Shameem, Xiaoyu Chen From High- to Super-resolution Mass Spectrometry 2014-03-01 Tsybin YO Middle-Down Analysis of Monoclonal Antibodies…


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it first secures a Sublicense Agreement from Genovis AB for such commercial use. For information on obtaining additional rights, please contact: FabRICATOR®-HPLC POROS® included in FabRICATOR®-HPLC This product is…


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  ADC Development Page Specific Links Two-step Cleavable Linkers Payloads-PNU-and-MMAE Site-specific-ADC-Generation Potent and Functional ADCs Site Links All Applications All SmartEnzymes Book a Meeting Resources Site-specific Generation of Custom ADCs…


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B What is the FabRICATOR-HPLC? FabRICATOR-HPLC is an HPLC column with the FabRICATOR (IdeS) protease immobilized on a HPLC compatible matrix for automated antibody subunit generation….


Fluorescent imaging

also incubated with c) mouse anti-human (3B5) primary antibody (0.2 µg/ml) for 1 hour and AlexaFluor488-conjugated donkey anti-mouse secondary antibody (1:200) for 30 minutes. Incubated cells were stained with DAPI…


FabRICATOR MagIC Application

Page Order FabRICATOR MagIC is available for ordering. Buy online or visit ‘Place an Order‘. FabRICATOR immobilized on magnetic agarose beads Automated workflow for middle level analysis Compatible with automation…