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Specific Enrichment of O-glycosylated Proteins and Peptides

SmartEnzymes Book a Meeting Resources     Specific Enrichment of O-glycosylated Proteins and Peptides O-linked glycans are involved in several biological processes, including inhibiting infections caused by pathogens, inflammatory responses,…


Generating Fab and Fc Antibody Fragments

GingisKHAN® Fab kit Site links All Applications All SmartEnzymes Book a Meeting Resources Intact Fab and Fc Antibody Fragments using FabALACTICA or GingisKHAN For applications involving intact Fab or Fc…


VP Sales & Marketing

reporting and financial/budgeting process. Autonomous, initiative-taking, and results-oriented personality. Excellent verbal, written, and presentation communications skills. Education Ph.D. or M.Sc. in Biotechnology, Biomedicine, or other areas of the Life Sciences….


FragIT kit

high specific affinity for the Fc. Both protein A and MabSelect Sure (GE) may have affinity for the Fab which may result in a lower recovery of the generated F(ab’)2…


FabRICATOR MagIC Application

using FabRICATOR MagIC on a KingFisher instrument. Download BindIt protocol for KingFisher Duo Prime Download BindIt protocol for KingFisher Flex Download instructions for KingFisher Duo Prime & Flex workflows Figure…


Fluorescent imaging

a crucial step in order to obtain high-quality imaging results. GlyCLICK delivers site-specific and quantitative labeling for conjugates with preserved antigen binding capacity for reproducible results in sensitive imaging applications….



B I did not get complete deglycosylation using deGlycIT, how can I improve digestion? First you could increase incubation time and increase temperature to 37°C. One explanation for incomplete deglycosylation…


Immobilized GlycINATOR

on IgG with N-linked glycans in the Fab region? Yes, the GlycINATOR enzyme binds specifically to the Fc region and therefore will not deglycosylate N-linked glycans in the Fab region….


GlyCLICK Characteristics

that utilizes glycan remodeling using the Fc-specific GlycINATOR®enzyme and combines it with click-chemistry for a stable and precise glycan-mediated antibody conjugation. The GlycINATOR enzyme digests all IgG glycoforms, including high-mannose,…


Generation of Antibody Fragments

Reduction of non-specific binding from Fc Increased sensitivity in antigen detection by reduced steric hindrance from large epitopes Improved penetration into tissues for improved staining in immunohistochemistry (IHC) and imaging…