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time we handle the antibody sample is when we pipet the sample into the 96 well plate, where the digestion is performed subsequently. In other words, the FabRICATOR MagIC workflow…



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FabRICATOR References

Emmanuelle Leize-Wagner, Yannis-Nicolas François, Middle-level IM-MS and CIU experiments for improved therapeutic immunoglobulin isotype fingerprinting 2020-01-21 Thomas Botzanowski, Oscar Hernandez-Alba, Martine Malissard, Elsa Wagner-Rousset, Evolène Deslignière, Olivier Colas, Jean-François Haeuw,…


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Fisher Scientific, 5826 Newton Drive, Carlsbad, CA 92008 USA or The trademark POROS® trademark is the property of Life Technologies Corporation. FabRICATOR® MagIC The trademarks Thermo Scientific™, KingFisher™ and…


FabRICATOR MagIC Application

reduction of the disulfide bonds leads to the separation of the F(ab’)2 into the smaller LC and Fd’ subunits, allowing for a more detailed analysis of the resulting subunits. This


ADC Development

…, the linker- glycoside is hydrolyzed by the lysosomal β-glucuronidase. Removal of the glycoside exposes the peptide linker to proteolytic cleavage by the lysosomal protease cathepsin B, releasing the toxi…


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Antibody Fc-glycan Analysis

fragment, enabled a fast analysis of the glycan profile. The measured monoisotopic masses of Fc/2, LC and Fd’ fragments were compared to theoretical data and the relative distribution of the


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Automated Antibody Subunit Analysis

any risk of over-digestion, Figure. 1.   Figure 1. FabRICATOR digests IgGs to F(ab´)2 and Fc. After reduction, the size of the fragments Fd’, Fc/2 and LC are 23–25 kDa,…