SmartEnzymes Service LC-MS

Antibody LC-MS Analysis

Fast LC-MS Profiling of Antibodies

We offer fast and accurate LC-MS profiling of human IgG using unique sample preparation based on SmartEnzymes workflows. Our SmartEnzymes enable middle-level LC-MS analysis of antibodies to characterize critical quality attributes such as the glycosylation profile and mass confirmation.

Why LC-MS Analysis Service from Genovis?

  • High-quality mass spectrometry data on critical quality attributes
  • Fast turnaround time -  results delivered within five working days
  • Unique and easy SmartEnzyme workflows performed by our expert MS team

About the Antibody LC-MS Analysis Service

The quality of an antibody may affect the performance and eventually the clinical efficiency of a therapeutic drug. For this reason, antibody quality is studied early in therapeutic development and the industry is pushing to characterize critical quality attributes such as glycosylation and mass confirmation as early as possible. Our SmartEnzymes enable middle-level LC-MS analysis of antibodies to characterize critical quality attributes such as:

  • Mass confirmation
  • Glycosylation profile (%)
  • Afucosylation (%)
  • High-mannose (%)
  • C-terminal lysine (%)
  • N-terminal pyroglutamate (%)

With the Antibody LC-MS Analysis service, we provide sample preparation and LC-MS analysis to enable faster antibody quality data to scientists across the world. After receiving the antibody sample, the LC-MS analysis is performed and results are delivered within five days. The antibody quality data is presented in an easy-to-interpret report, with an overview for the unexperienced user and a more in-depth view for experienced users.

How it Works

1. Contact us and share some specifics about your antibody to our MS experts. Send us your antibody sample (>100 ug).

2. We will apply our unique SmartEnzymes sample preparation workflows and perform the LC-MS analysis using high-quality instrumentation.

3. Within five working days, you will receive a detailed, easy-to-interpret, LC-MS analysis report containing the antibody quality attributes.



Substrate Product ID Quantity Results Price
Human IgG W0-SMA-001 >100 ug mAb Within 5 working days 1250 EUR

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No Need for Peptide Mapping - Middle-level is the Answer!

Bottom-up antibody characterization is usually carried out using peptide mapping that involves a lengthy sample preparation and generates complex data sets that requires extensive data interpretation to answer the analytical question.

Top down (intact analysis) is a popular way of obtaining fast LC-MS data without sample preparation. However, the resolution suffers from analyzing large 150 kDa structures and not all potentially important quality attributes are captured.

Middle-level LC-MS analysis. The sample preparation is fast and generates three major fragments that are easily analyzed using LC-MS. Automated data interpretation is enabled and the most common antibody quality attributes can be addressed.

SmartEnzymes LC-MS Workflows

The unique and specific SmartEnzymes from Genovis have enabled the middle-level workflow that is now a standard analytical workflow in many LC-MS labs throughout the biopharma industry. FabRICATOR digests antibodies below the hinge, generating a F(ab’)2 and Fc/2 fragments. The fragments can be further reduced to the three common subunits Fd’, light chain (LC) and Fc/2, all with a size of ~25 kDa and suitable for LC-MS analysis.

Antibody Quality for Everyone

With the LC-MS Analysis service from Genovis, we would like antibody quality data to be available to a larger audience – we aim for a fast delivery of the most important antibody quality attributes!
The service is available to support many areas of the biopharma industry and is commonly used in applications such as characterization, clone selection, process development and many others.

Collaboration with evitria

We have entered a service agreement with evitria AG (Zürich, Switzerland) to offer a fast and high-quality LC-MS characterization of recombinant antibodies using our SmartEnzymes™ workflows!

evitria is an established, global antibody expression service provider located in Zurich, Switzerland. They are specialized in CHO-based transient expression of antibodies (including bispecific and fusion antibodies) and other proteins. With a track record of more than 100,000 transfections performed and more than 17,000 antibodies / antibody based molecules expressed and purified for clients from the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia – ranging from academic laboratories and small biotech start-ups to global biopharmaceutical companies – you can benefit from evitria's expertise when looking to entrust a partner with your complete antibody production or to manage capacity bottlenecks with single projects.

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