IgGZERO LE (Low Endotoxin) enzyme is supplied as a lyophilized powder with no preservatives added, and is available in 2000 unit vials for deglycosylation of up to 2 mg IgG. This product formulation has low levels of endotoxins per vial (< 0.2 EU).


IgGZERO (EndoS) is an IgG-specific endoglycosidase acting on complex type N-glycans at the Fc-glycosylation site of IgG. The enzyme acts on the chitobiose core and leaves the core GlcNAc intact.

Detailed Information 

IgGZERO LE hydrolyzes the β1,4 linkage between the core GlcNAc residues in the Fc-glycan, leaving the innermost GlcNAc intact on the Fc. It is derived from Streptococcus pyogenes and expressed in E. coli. The enzyme contains a His-tag and the molecular weight is 110 kDa. 

IgGZERO is specific for N-glycans attached on the Fc-domain of IgGs, and hydrolyzes Fc-glycans of all human IgG subclasses and IgG from many other species, including mouse, rat, monkey, sheep, goat, cow, and horse. The reaction with IgGZERO is mild and runs fast under physiological conditions, with no need for co-factors or detergents.

The IgGZERO LE enzyme has limited activity on high-mannose and hybrid-type glycans. If you are interested in endoglycosidases that hydrolyze all IgG glycoforms, we recommend the GlycINATOR product family.

Storage and Stability

The IgGZERO LE enzyme is supplied lyophilized and reconstituted by addition of water. After reconstitution, IgGZERO LE is stable for 1 month at +4-8°C. The product is shipped at ambient temperature, and should be stored at -20°C upon arrival.    

Unit Definition

One unit deglycosylates ≥ 95% of 1μg human IgG when incubated in 10 mM sodium phosphate, 150 mM NaCl, pH 7.4 at 37°C for 30 min.


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Popular FAQ

Yes, IgGZERO/deGlycIT are compatible with most commonly used buffers with pH ranging from 6.0 to 8.0, but the reaction conditions might need to be optimized to ensure optimal deglycosylation.

Yes, many buffers are compatible with IgGZERO/DeGlycIT. Please keep pH close to neutral.

First you could increase incubation time and increase temperature to 37°C. One explanation for incomplete deglycosylation with deGlycIT could be that the antibody has higher amounts of high mannose, hybrid glycans or bisected glycans. For these glycans IgGZERO has low or no activity. High mannose glycans are particularly resistant to digestion recommend you try our other endoglycosidase GlycINATOR (EndoS2). This enzyme has much higher activity on these types of glycans sometimes seen in mAbs.

Typically, GlycINATOR is the first choice since it displays enzymatic activity on all glycoforms present on IgG, including complex type, high mannose, bisected and hybrid type glycans. IgGZERO does not hydrolyze high mannose glycans. IgGZERO deglycosylates some species faster as compared to GlycINATOR, for example goat IgG.

In both products the enzyme is immobilized on agarose beads for IgG-specific hydrolysis of the Fc glycans to the innermost GlcNAc. The deGlycIT contains immobilized IgGZERO (EndoS) and Immobilized GlycINATOR contains GlycINATOR (EndoS2). The GlycINATOR enzyme has much higher enzymatic activity for high mannose and some bisected and hybrid glycans that can occur on mAbs.


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