GingisKHAN® Enzyme

GingisKHAN enzyme is a unique protease that digests human IgG1 between K223 and T224 producing a homogenous pool of Fab and Fc fragments. The enzyme requires only mild reduced condition for activity and the reaction is performed in the presence of 2 mM Cystein at neutral pH, leaving intact Fab and Fc fragments.



GingisKHAN enzyme is supplied as lyophilized preparation together with 5 vials of lyophilized GingisKHAN reducing agent for convenient and reliable performance. The product is available in 2000 unit format for digestion of up to 2 mg human IgG1.

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Detailed Information

Digestion of human IgG1 with GingisKHAN generates a homogenous pool of precise Fab and Fc fragments. There is no over-digestion or further degradation of the fragments typically associated with other proteolytic enzymes. Very mild reducing reaction conditions give intact Fab and Fc fragments. Best activity is obtained at 37°C.

GingisKHAN is shipped as a lyophilized preparation together with 5 vials of lyophilized GingisKHAN reducing agent for convenient and reliable performance.


GingisKHAN is supplied as lyophilized powder. It is supplied with 5 vials of lyophilized GingisKHAN reducing agent (10x) containing 20 mM cysteine upon reconstitution.

GingisKHAN and GingisKHAN Reducing Agent are shipped on ice and should be stored at -20°C upon arrival.

After reconstitution GingisKHAN is stable for at least 1 month +4-8°C. Reconstituted GingisKHAN Reducing Agent cannot be stored, use freshly prepared.

Unit definition

One unit cleaves ≥ 95% of 1μg human IgG1 when incubated in 0.1 M Tris, pH 8.0 at 37°C for 1 hour.



Production of Fab Fragments

Intact Fab fragments from human IgG1 can be generated in 1 hour using GingisKHAN (KGP) enzyme.

For other IgG subclasses and species there is another procedure using a combination of our FabRICATOR enzyme with 2-MEA (2-mercaptoethylamine or Cysteamine). This procedure is simple and usually gives good yields. It can be completed in two hours.

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