Immobilized FabALACTICA

Immobilized FabALACTICA®

The Immobilized FabALACTICA spin columns contain FabALACTICA enzyme covalently coupled to agarose beads, for digestion of human IgG1 without contaminating the final preparation with enzyme.


FabALACTICA (IgdE) is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge with no need for reducing conditions or co-factors.



Detailed Information 

Immobilized FabALACTICA consists of FabALACTICA enzyme immobilized on agarose beads in a convenient spin column format. The spin columns are available for digestion of up to 0.5 mg (Microspin), 10 mg (Midispin) or 100 mg (Maxispin) human IgG1. The smallest columns are available in two different pack sizes, with 2 or 10 columns per pack.

FabALACTICA is a cysteine protease that digests human IgG1 at one specific site above the hinge, generating intact Fab and Fc fragments. The enzyme is active at pH from 6-8 and does not require reducing conditions or co-factors for activity. FabALACTICA is recombinantly expressed in E. coli, contains a His-tag, and the molecular weight is 70 019 Da.

Immobilized FabALACTICA does not require reducing conditions or co-factors for activity. 

Storage and Stability

Immobilized FabALACTICA is supplied in 20% ethanol, shipped cold, and should be stored at +4-8°C upon arrival. Do not freeze the product!

Unit Definition

One spin column contains sufficient FabALACTICA-coupled agarose beads to digest 0.5 mg (Microspin), 10 mg (Midispin), or 100 mg (Maxispin) human IgG1.


  • A0-AG6-010

    Immobilized FabALACTICA Microspin, Digest 2 x 0.5 mg

    A0-AG6-010420.00Add to cart
  • A0-AG6-050

    Immobilized FabALACTICA Microspin, Digest 10 x 0.5 mg

    A0-AG6-0501,510.00Add to cart
  • A0-AG6-100

    Immobilized FabALACTICA Midispin, Digest 1-10 mg

    A0-AG6-1001,270.00Add to cart
  • A0-AG6-1000

    Immobilized FabALACTICA Maxispin, Digest 10-100 mg

    A0-AG6-10003,790.00Add to cart

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FAQ and Support

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We can only guarantee optimal digestion for one-time use. We do not have a cleaning or regeneration protocol to provide. However, depending on the antibody and the following application the column can be reused. We do not recommend using with different antibodies due to the risk for contamination of carry-over from previous sample. If column reuse is desired store the column in 10-20% ethanol at +4-8°C.


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