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GlyCLICK is a site-specific conjugation technology for IgG using enzymatic remodeling of the Fc-glycans and click-chemistry.

The GlyCLICK technology produces stable and homogenous antibody conjugates for IgG from several species and subclasses. Fc-glycan remodeling by complete deglycosylation of the antibody allows site-specific conjugation using click-chemistry, resulting in a degree of label (DOL) or antibody-drug ratio (DAR) of 2.0.

The modular format of the technology offers reliable performance with intact immunoreactivity for sensitive applications. Usage of GlyCLICK is versatile and include in vitro and in vivo imaging as well as immunoassays and cytotoxic drug development. The technology is available in a range of kit formats to facilitate tailored and site-specific labeling of antibodies for a diverse range of applications.

GlyCLICK product box

Alexa Fluor 488

In vitro cell imaging, IHC, FCM
250μg (L1-F01-025) $985.00
2mg (L1-F01-200) $1,545.00


Immunoassays, ELISA, WB
250μg (L1-A01-025) $985.00
2mg (L1-A01-200) $1,545.00


Immuno- and In vivo Imaging
250μg (L1-C01-025) $985.00
2mg (L1-C01-200) $1,545.00

Azide Activation

Custom Conjugation
250μg (L1-AZ1-025) $875.00
2mg (L1-AZ1-200) $1,355.00
10mg (L1-AZ1-100) $6,195.00

How GlyCLICK works

IgG contain a conserved N-linked glycosylation site on the CH2 domain of each heavy chain of the Fc region. This site of the antibody is used by GlyCLICK for selective conjugation of a label of choice. The labeling is performed in three steps:

GlyCLICK workflow visualization

Figure 1.Schematic presentation of the GlyCLICK conjugation process.

  1. Deglycosylation
    Endoglycosidase GlycINATOR® (EndoS2)1 specifically digests IgG Fc-glycans to the inner most GlcNAc moiety on several IgG subclasses and species. The enzyme removes all glycoforms, including; high-mannose, hybrid, complex, and bisecting type glycans. GlyCINATOR is immobilized on spin columns for rapid digestion at room temperature, resulting in a homogenous sample free from any residual enzyme. Learn more about GlycINATOR.
  2. Azide Activation
    Azide-containing UPD-GalNAz is enzymatically attached to the exposed GlcNAc on the Fc-glycans using the ß-1,4-Galactosyltransferase Y289L* (GalT) to generate azide-activated antibodies. The incorporation of an azide at the Fc-glycan sites renders the antibody reactive with an alkyne-containing (cyclooctyne-functionalized) labels in the subsequent conjugation using click-chemistry.
  3. CLICK Reaction
    Azide activated antibodies can then react with cyclooctyne-functionalized labelsthrough strain-promoted copper-free click chemistry (SPAAC)3, utilizing the alkyne-azide reaction to form a stable triazole. The biocompatibility of the GlyCLICK technology permits spontaneous and biorthogonal reactions with cyclooctyne-functionalized labels such as fluorophores, biotins, chelators and drug payloads.

1. Sjögren, J. et al., 2013. EndoS2 is a unique and conserved enzyme of serotype M49 group A Streptococcus that hydrolyses N-linked glycans on IgG and a1-acid glycoprotein. The Biochemical Journal, 455(1), pp.107–118.
2. SiteClick™ is provided under an intellectual property license from Life Technologies Corporation. The trademark SiteClick™ is the property of Life Technologies Corporation.
3. Ramakrishnan, B. & Qasba, P.K., 2002. Structure-based design of beta 1,4-galactosyltransferase I (beta 4Gal-T1) with equally efficient N-acetylgalactosaminyltransferase activity: point mutation broadens beta 4Gal-T1 donor specificity. J Biol Chem, 277(23), pp.20833–20839.


GlyCLICK enables site-specific and quantitative conjugation of IgG from several species and subclasses with a degree of label (DOL=2.0). The specificity of GlycINATOR allows for the complete deglycosylation of all IgG Fc-glycoforms and does not require any prior engineering of the amino acid sequence. Further more, robust GlyCLICK protocol results in antibody conjugates that are stable and fully labeled thus minimizing the variation between batches.


GlyCLICK Characteristics:


Key Characteristics

  • Human IgG1-4, Fc-fusion proteins, IgG from mouse, rabbit, rat, monkey, sheep, goat, cow and horse
  • ~2-3 day protocol
  • Available conjugates: AlexaFluor®488, biotin and DFO. Azide activation kits are available for custom conjugation


The GlyCLICK technology offers a unique and robust method for site-specific conjugation of antibodies. Primary labeled antibodies have applications in many fields research and biopharma development. The ability to conjugate IgG with a wide variety of functionalized conjugates enables a broad range of applications such as in vitro and in vivo imaging as well as immunoassays and cytotoxic drug development.

Fluorescent image

Fluorescent Imaging

Site-specific GlyCLICK conjugation for tailored conjugates suitable for in vitro cell imaging, IHC and FCM.

GlyCLICK ADC development

ADC Development

GlyCLICK generates homogenous ADCs with increased circulation time and minor drug loss.

Immuno imaging <em/>in vivo

In vivo Immuno Imaging

Preserved affinity and increased tumor uptake in vivo for reproducible imaging results using GlyCLICK.

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GlyCLICK characters

GlyCLICK contains

  • Immobilized GlycINATOR
  • UDP-GalNAz
  • GalT(Y298L)
  • sDIBO label of choice
  • All buffers needed
  • Concentration and desalting columns

Unit definition

GlyCLICK contains 250 units for conjugation of 250 μg of antibody. The azide activation kit is also available for conjugation of 2 or 10 mg of antibody. For larger amounts or for evaluation of GlyCLICK for ADC projects, please contact us using the contact form below.


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Download GlyCLICK Brochure

Download GlyCLICK Brochure

GlyCLICK is a site-specific conjugation technology for IgG using enzymatic remodeling and click-chemistry.



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