GingisREX (Rgp) is an arginine-specific protease that digests proteins C-terminally of arginine residues. 


The GingisREX enzyme is supplied as a lyophilized powder with no preservatives added. It is available in vials of 5 μg enzyme.


Detailed Information

GingisREX is a cysteine protease that specifically digests peptide bonds C-terminally to arginine residues, including arginine linked to proline. Cysteine is required for enzymatic activity.

The enzyme is purified from Porphyromonas gingivalis.

Stability and Storage

The enzyme is provided as a lyophilized powder. After reconstitution by addition of water, GingisREX is stable for at least 1 month at 4-8°C. The product is shipped cold and should be stored at -20°C upon arrival.

Buffers and Reducing Agent

To maintain the enzymatically active cysteine in a reduced form, TCEP is added to preserve the reducing environment (for details please consult the user instructions). GingisREX is active in a broad pH range, 5.0-9.0, with optimal activity between pH 6.5-8.0. Digestion can be performed in the presence of chaotropic agents or detergents such as urea, SDS, tween and SDC. Buffers tested and compatible with GingisREX activity are Tris, Bis-Tris and ammonium bicarbonate.

Key Characteristics

  • Digests any peptide or protein containing arginine. Speci c for Arg-X motifs
  • 60 min reaction
  • Active in 6 M urea and 0.1% SDS
  • C-terminally of arginine residues


  • Peptide mapping
  • Protein sequence analysis
  • Protein fingerprinting
  • Post-translational modification analysis

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Antibody Characterization

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"RgpB - an Arginine-specific Protease with Applications in Proteomics"

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FAQ and Support


No, GingisREX shows significantly reduced activity in the presence of Gd-HCl even in low concentrations. This chaotrope should be avoided.
The digestion time is affected by many factors like the enzyme to sample ratio, pH of the digestion reaction, and the sample characteristics. The reaction might need to be optimized for each specific case. In general, we recommend starting with an overnight digestion.
Yes, cysteine is required for both activity and specificity of the GingisREX enzyme.

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