OpeRATOR, 2000 units


OpeRATOR enzyme for digestion of 2 mg glycoprotein, including one vial of SialEXO for sialic acid removal.

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Lyophilized OpeRATOR for digestion of 2 mg glycoprotein.
OpeRATOR is an O-glycan specific endoprotease that digests the amino acid backbone N-terminally of the S/T residue.

The enzyme is active on native glycoproteins and does not require denaturing of the glycoprotein. It is active on O-glycan proteins with and without sialic acids, but the activity is higher on proteins where sialic acids have been removed. For this reason, a vial of SialEXO is included. Both OpeRATOR and SialEXO is reconstituted by addition of water.