OglyZOR, 2000 units


OglyZOR enzyme for deglycosylation of 2 mg glycoprotein, including one vial of SialEXO for sialic acid removal.

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Lyophilized OglyZOR for deglycosylationn of 2 mg glycoprotein.
OglyZOR is an endoglycosidase that specifically hydrolyzes core 1 (and to some extent core 3) O-glycans.

The enzyme is active on native glycoproteins and does not require denaturing of the glycoprotein. For activity, it requires sialic acid removal. For this reason, a vial of SialEXO is included. Both OglyZOR and SialEXO is reconstituted by addition of water.


Yes, we have performed successful experiments with OglyZOR, SialEXO and PNGaseF in the same reaction under native conditions over night at pH ~7.0.

Yes, this workflow enables MS/MS of O-glycosylated peptides with removed O-glycans.

OglyZOR works only on desialylated O-glycans and a sialidase (SialEXO) is included with the product. This sialidase is not O-glycan specific but will also desialylate any N-glycans present.

No, OglyZOR recognizes the core 1 disaccharide HexNAcHex (or GalNAcGal) and to some extend also the core 3 disaccharide HexNAc(2) (or GalNAcGlcNAc).

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