Join our Next GenovisWebinar – Unlock the Power of GlySERIAS™!

We are thrilled to announce the speaker for our next GenovisWebinar!
We are happy to welcome Sarah Smith from Immunocore to talk about her experiences using SmartEnzymes™. Please join us to learn about how Sarah and her team have used GlySERIAS™ to optimize their analytical workflows for enhanced identification and quantification of the oxidation CQA!

GlySERIAS is a novel and unique enzyme for digesting flexible GS linkers in fusion proteins and allows for middle-level characterization of protein components. This approach has been applied to improve the localization, quantification and monitoring of oxidation modifications by UV and MS where chromatographic separation was previously not possible!
Title: Oxidation CQA Identification and Quantification using GlySERIAS™, Intact MS and Peptide Mapping
Date: June 13th, 2024
Time: 4 pm CET / 10 am EST

Key Learning Objectives

  • GlySERIAS Immobilized digestion offers robust and reproducible digestion of Immunocore’s molecules’ GS-linker regions
  • Characterization of fragments allows for improved localization, quantification and monitoring of oxidation peaks by UV and MS
  • Resolution of the oxidized protein peak is both molecule- and stress-dependent

Who Should Attend?

  • Scientists involved in the MS characterization of biopharmaceuticals
  • Scientists working in Quality Control (QC) labs
  • Scientists performing middle-level analysis of mAbs and fusion proteins
  • Contract Research Organizations (CROs)
  • Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs)
  • Academic scientists working with protein characterization by MS

About GlySERIAS™


GlySERIAS is a unique enzyme that digests flexible glycine-rich fusion protein linkers such as Gly4Ser and GlyxSery (GS), and polyglycine (G) linkers.
The enzyme enables separation of the individual domains of multi-functional fusion proteins to facilitate characterization and increase the understanding of these molecules. Middle-level analysis of fusion proteins serves to both reduce the overall sample complexity and allows for domain-specific identification and monitoring of post-translational modifications.
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