Preparative Applications

Use Genovis' enzyme for preparation of F(ab')2 using FabRICATOR or FragIT and subsequent Fab' fragments using 2-MEA. If you are working with human IgG1 - use GingisKHAN to produce intact Fab fragments in an hour.

Generation of F(ab')2 Fragments

Use FabRICATOR to generate specific F(ab’)2 fragments in 30 min without over-digestion or optimizing protocols.

Production of Fab Fragments

Intact Fab fragments from human IgG1 can be generated in 1 hour using GingisKHAN (KGP) enzyme.

For other IgG subclasses and species there is another procedure using a combination of our FabRICATOR enzyme with 2-MEA (2-mercaptoethylamine or Cysteamine). This procedure is simple and usually gives good yields. It can be completed in two hours.