Enhancing antibody efficacy by EndoS/EndoS2 Fc-deglycosylation

IgGZERO endoglycosidase (Endo S) has been put forward as a tool for enhancing the therapeutic efficacy of monoclonal antibody based products. In a paper in Science Magazine by Dalziel et explains the potential use of IgGZERO (Endo S).

In the January 3 issue (VOL 343) of Science Magazine Dalziel et al published a review paper titeled “Emerging principles for the Therapeutic Exploitation of Glycosylation”. One of the highlighted technologies described involves specific Fc-deglycosylation of antibodies, which significantly reduces antibody binding to FcγRs. The authors point out that although several endoglycosidases exists only Endo S (IgGZERO) offers the possibility of selective Fc-deglycosylation through its remarkable selectivity.


IgGZERO (Endo S) have shown promise in treatment of autoimmunity as Endo S itself appears of low immunogenicity. Additionally IgGZERO (Endo S) offers a way to increase efficacy of current monoclonal antibody therapeutics by stripping FcγRs of endogenous IgGs - then receptor binding of therapeutic mAbs can be dramatically increased. Similar deglycosylation can also be performed by using Glycinator (Endo S2). Glycinator also have additional glycan release capabilities such as high mannose and bisected N-linked Fc-glycans.

The paper can be found at Science Magasine web site by this link: https://www.sciencemag.org/content/343/6166/1235681