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…Antibody mimetics generation using GingisKHAN Dan Bach Kristensen Symphogen A/S FabRICATOR MagIC produce F(ab)2 subunits in less than 30 minutes Weiming Yang Johns Hopkins University OpeRATOR changes the game in…


ADC Development

  ADC Development Page Specific Links Two-step Cleavable Linkers Payloads-PNU-and-MMAE Site-specific-ADC-Generation Potent and Functional ADCs Site Links All Applications All SmartEnzymes Book a Meeting Resources Site-specific Generation of Custom…


Hydrolysis of Flexible Linkers

  Hydrolysis of Flexible Linkers Page Specific Links Reproducible Digestion of a GS-linked Fusion Protein In-depth Analysis of Fusion Proteins with Flexible Linkers Middle-level Analysis of a BiTE Molecule…



B There are not yet any FAQ’s for this product If you have a technical question, please contact us….



Product Information Download the Genovis’ Book of Applications and other product information Application Notes Download Genovis Application Notes Videos Watch Genovis product videos Posters Download Genovis Posters Instructions Download…



B For how long can I store azide activated antibodies? The stability of azide activated material varies depending on the antibody and if stabilizing agents have been added. In…


Place an Order – Genovis AB

Place an Order – Genovis AB Genovis AB in Sweden handles orders from all countries except Australia, Canada, China, India, Israel, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkey and USA….


GlyCLICK Azide Activation

GlyCLICK Azide Activation is a kit that contains all reagents needed to azide-activate IgG for site-specific conjugation using any alkyne-carrying label of choice. Spin columns with GlycINATOR (EndoS2) enzyme immobilized…


Data Protection Policy

Data Protection Policy Data Controller Genovis AB (”Genovis”) is data controller for the personal data that Genovis collects and processes when you order our products and services. Approval of…


FucosEXO Application Page

  Defucosylation of Glycoproteins with FucosEXO™ Page Specific Links Substrate Specificity Performance on Glycoproteins No Co-factors or Additives Required Site Links All Applications All SmartEnzymes Book a Meeting Resources…

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