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Share your experience, be a SmartScientist At Genovis, we firmly believe that sharing scientific achievements and experiences will lead to new ideas and insights that will contribute to better biologics for patients.


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Genovis Group SmartEnzymes™ For better biologics Antibodies Advanced antibody discovery Bioprocess Lorem ipsum dolor Gene Therapy Reduce Neutralizing Antibodies Custom Services Custom services


Terms and Conditions

Genovis’ General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Service Welcome to Genovis and thank you for your interest in purchasing our products and/or services. We value your business and our goal is to make your purchasing experience as smooth as possible. Below you will find Genovis’ General Terms and Conditions. If you have any questions about our […]


Gene Therapy

Gene Therapy Reduce Neutralizing Antibodies   IgG Proteases and Neutralizing Antibodies IgG Proteases from Genovis Affinity Reagents for IgG Proteases Contact Us Partnership with Selecta Biosciences Genovis provides highly specific IgG proteases to reduce neutralizing antibodies prior to gene therapy administration, to expand the patient eligibility for gene therapies. Pre-treatment with IgG proteases reduces neutralizing […]


SmartEnzymes Conjugation

Services SmartEnzymes Conjugation Conjugation Service using SmarEnzymes Technologies We offer site-specific conjugation of IgG with azide activation or a label of choice, and analysis to verify degree of labeling (DOL).   If you are interested in learning more about our conjugation service and what we offer, please contact us!


Antibody LC-MS Analysis

Services Antibody LC-MS Analysis About Antibody LC-MS Analysis service How it Works Pricing Contact Us Background Collaboration with evitria Fast LC-MS Profiling of Antibodies We offer fast and accurate LC-MS profiling of human IgG using unique sample preparation based on SmartEnzymes workflows. Our SmartEnzymes enable middle-level LC-MS analysis of antibodies to characterize critical quality attributes […]

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