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Pfizer and Genovis presents: "Heightened Characterization of Therapeutic mAbs Using a Novel Enzyme-Facilitated Middle-Down Approach"
Robert Dufield, Senior Principal Scientist at Pfizer and Fredrik Olsson Chief Operation Officer at Genovis


Upcoming events

27th - 29th January 2015
Washington, DC, USA
17th - 20th March 2015
Berlin, Germany
4th - 7th May 2015
Boston, MA, USA


Webinar - Bruker, Pfizer and Genovis 

On demand webinar:  Bruker, Pfizer and Genovis presents "Rapid Characterization of Antibody Biotherapeutics Using Middle-Up (Subunit) Analysis". 

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Latest reference

Peng Gao, Kenneth L. Pinkston, Nathaniel Wilganowski, Holly Robinson, Ali Azhdarinia, Banghe Zhu, Eva M. Sevick-Muraca, Barrett R. Harvey
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