Genovis SmartEnzymes FabRICATOR Z GingisKHAN

Genovis provides unique enzymes for rapid characterization of antibody based biotherapeutics; monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), antibody drug conjugates (ADCs), Fc-fusion proteins, biosimilars etc. The SmartEnzymes™ portfolio consists of FabRICATOR® (IdeS), FabRICATOR®Z (IdeZ), FabULOUS® (SpeB), GingisKHAN™ (KGP), IgGZERO® (EndoS) and GlycINATOR® (EndoS2).

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Enzyme Reference Tool

FabRICATOR is used frequently for studying important quality attributes of antibody-based biotherapeutics. To help you find the reference of interest we developed an Enzyme Reference Tool that organizes all papers published using our products. With this tool you can filter by quality attribute, enzyme used, type of antibody molecule and technology.